GWv4 is the latest version of calibration software for GEMS engine management systems and transmission controllers. It has been completely re-designed from GWv3 and has many new features including:

  • Multi tabbed workspace, with tab groups
  • Shaded 3D maps
  • New viewing objects: Tacho, large number, bar gauge and more
  • Audit Objects
  • Custom calculated maps
  • Data-log playback
  • User defined colour schemes
  • Start templates for ECUs, diff controllers and individual products
  • New map functions: Fill, smooth, custom scripting
  • Improved PC-Logging setup
  • Powerful object based scripting tools and script objects i.e. dials and checkboxes

For GWv4 help and descriptions of all features, see our GWv4 online manual


gwv4 ss fuel thumbgwv4 ss custom thumbgwv4 ss audit thumbgwv4 ss log thumb
GWv4Custom Controls
Audit ExampleLogging Playback

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