The downloads section is a resource for all GEMS software and files needed for our products.

gems iconSoftware

Latest release versions of GEMS software.

drivers iconDrivers

Drivers for GEMS products.

gin file iconGin Files

GIN files are used by GWv4 to determine the memory map, options, parameters, tables and maps available in an ECU.

 firmware iconFirmware

Firmware is the software embedded into the hardware a GEMS product.

 generic docDocumentation

 generic docData Sheets

 base map iconBase/Start Maps & Setups

These are the calibration files that ship with our products.

 gwv4_cog48Calibration Aspects

Selected parts of GWv4 calibrations for sensor calibrations etc

 tabs thumbTabs/Templates

Tab files for GWv4.

 v small logoMedia

Logos and Brochures