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General Engine Management Systems Ltd (GEMS) are a specialist UK electronics engineering company with impeccable credentials and exceptional status in producing high quality electronics systems for the autosport industry spanning over 30 years.

GEMS was setup in the early ’80’s to deliver custom products to motorsport teams needing electronics systems to keep up in a rapidly changing market. Today as the motorsport industry, marine and aviation sectors rapidly move forward in terms of electronic complexity and computing power, GEMS still provides the very latest technology and over two decades of know-how to all levels – from leading factory racing teams and the defence industry, to the car tuning enthusiast.

Behind GEMS is a great team with a great skill-set that includes the engineering and technologies, creativity, experience, acumen and innovation required to develop the great products our customers require – ranging from engine controls units, to dash display systems. A glance at our news reports show race winners from every quarter of the various motorsports circuits and championships using GEMS products to enhance vehicle performance and efficiency.

Our comprehensive product catalogue confirms our commitment to delivering the right products to meet customer’s needs and expectation every time.

Thanks for visiting our website and we hope to hear from you soon. If you have any further questions or would like to arrange a meeting, please contact us via our online form