Simulink® ECU enabled advanced engine and systems controller

The EM80-M Simulink ECU is a derivative of the EM80. It combines the existing engine management system with a powerful ARM processor setup to enable the use of auto generated code from Simulink® models. This allows the user to design and implement their own complex control systems on a proven and rugged platform with the use of GEMS user interfaces and analysis packages.

It can be supplied with existing engine management code or with a cut down base platform.

GEMS have been designing and manufacturing performance electronic systems for over 25 years and bring all of that experience along with the latest technologies to provide this highly capable yet cost effective system.


  • Supplied with support files for auto code-generation from Simulink® models using Embedded Coder and generation of firmware images from Embedded Coder output
  • High speed internal data-logging
  • Anti-lag system with fuel and ignition cutting with ignition retard
  • Drive by wire throttle control
  • 4 channel variable valve timing
  • Fully configurable with GWv4 software
  • Gearshift control
  • Adjustable fuel timing for engine speed and load
  • Closed loop lambda control
  • Turbo wastegate control
  • Uneven firing angles
  • Multiple maps


  • ARM STM32F4 Processor with FPU
  • 2 x CAN2.0 bus
  • Ethernet PC comms
  • 256MByte logging memory
  • 32KByte per second logging throughput
  • 8 x 20A peak IGBT ignition drivers
  • 8 x injector drivers with peak and hold
  • 4 x 6A PWM half bridges
  • 12 x 3A PWM low side drivers
  • 12 x 0-5V 12bit analogue inputs
  • 2 x Differential Analogue Inputs
  • 4 x Software selectable Logic or VR timing inputs
  • 8 x Logic timing inputs
  • LSU4 Wideband lambda input
  • Internal barometric sensor
  • 80pin Molex CMC connector
  • Size: 157 x 131 x 35mm (6.18”x5.16”x1.38”)

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