Power Management

The GEMS power management products form a unique system, which combines huge flexibility and extremely powerful capabilities.

GEMS system is made up of two units; the PM2 – a central control unit, and the PM1 – the power management units.

Up to 8 PM1s can run in a single network providing up to 64 managed outputs.

How the system works

The GEMS system runs solely on CAN, and because of the modular system of the design, the PM1 units can be placed close to the required devices, requiring only CAN and power connections, drastically reducing the complexity and cost of the main vehicle wiring harness.

PM1 Transp SmlPM1

An 8 channel power management module working with a multiplex power management system


Compact version of the PM1

 PM2 LowLow TranspPM2

Controller for the GEMS power management system. Available in a standalone unit or integrated with a membrane keypad