GEMS Data Analysis – GDA – is GEMS data-analysis software. GDA is compatible with all GEMS current data-loggers and logging displays.

GDA allows the user to get all the information from the data that they require using a wide variety of features. It is very user friendly enabling it to be used by the race enthusiast, yet has the advanced features required by the data-analysis professional.

GDA is supplied in two versions – Standard and Professional. Standard is provided free of charge will all GEMS data-loggers. Professional has a number of advanced extra features.


From the moment that GDA is loaded, everything you need for basic data-analysis is in front of you. Just load in your data and get going.

GDA usability 1

GDA features a mutli-tabbed workspace allowing many different objects and data-views to be quickly accessed.

GDA usability 2

Almost everything in GDA can be customised to the users requirements. From the layout to the way overlays are displayed, even to the style of the gauges.

Powerful Features

GDA has many features aimed at getting the most out of your data: custom maths channels, x/y plots and histograms, stage or circuit modes. and many more.

GDA power 1

Standard Edition Features

  • Free for GEMS Customers
  • Multi-tabbed, customisable workspace
  • Circuit or stage modes
  • Multi lane log trace
  • Multiple channels per lane
  • Track maps
  • Unlimited lap overlays
  • Tacho and bar gauges
  • XY Plots
  • Histograms
  • Lap/sector analysis
  • Channel statistics
  • Time/Distance plots
  • Log playback
  • Import CAN dbc files

Professional Edition Features

As per standard edition with the following additional features:

  • Video Playback with customizable overlay objects
  • User defined maths channels
  • Alarm Reports
  • User Defined Reports
  • FFT
  • 2D scatter plot
  • Smart Data Organisation
  • Data ImportExport (CSV/Matlab etc.)
  • Marker editing and generation
  • Load and Sync video files


gda overview sml
gda lap report sml
gda channel reports smlgda xy plot sml
gda xy plot sml
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