GEMS aims to provide the best support possible for our customers. This means a highly skilled member of our team will respond to your request and help you to resolve your problem.

Steps for Support

1. Read through the manual for your product. Manuals can be downloaded from here.

2. Contact GEMS directly using our contact form or connect with us on Skype:

Start Skype Chat

3. If screen-sharing would be useful with your support enquiry, we recommend using Quick Assist, available on all windows 10 machines. To use, follow these steps:

  • Click the Windows Start Menu
  • Type ‘Quick Assist’ and select from the top of the menu
  • Arrange with our support engineer who will send you a code
  • Enter that code under ‘Code from assistant’
  • Screen sharing will then start

If you are using a PC with an earlier version of Windows, please use the below link to install Teamviewer.

Team Viewer 9 GEMS Install